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Certificate Course on Clinical Methods in Pain Medicine

This course is a must for all who wish to practice pain. Unless the proper patient is selected for the proper treatment & interventions, failure is sure. The success of pain practice depends on the proper evaluation of pain.

Proper history & clinical diagnosis is the first step to planning the treatment of any patient suffering from pain. Unfortunately, anesthesiologists get minimum exposure to make a clinical diagnosis of OPD during residency. Thus, they develop good skills in interventions but remain poor in clinical diagnosis.

The most important reason for the poor outcome of surgery and interventions is not the wrongly done interventions; it is improper pre-procedure evaluation. Learn the art of diagnosis, and join the certificate course on Clinical Methods in Pain Medicine.

Highlights of the course
  • Clinical Methods in Pain Medicine was first arranged systematically by Dr Gautam Das with the publication of the book ‘CLINICAL METHODS IN PAIN MEDICINE’ which was published in 2015.

  • This online course is directed by Dr Gautam Das. with other renowned faculties: Dr Chinmoy Roy, Dr Debjyoti Dutta & Dr Kanchan Sharma.

  • Clinical methods in pain medicine modules have been divided into different modules as in book chapters on different pain syndromes. Like evaluation of back pain, evaluation of shoulder pain, etc.

  • 12 modules, one module will be covered each week.

  • there will be a discussion of diseases that causes pain in that part of the body, before discussing the history and clinical methods.

  • There will have a post-lecture evaluation with multiple-choice questions. 

  • There will be lectures using ppt followed by a demonstration of clinical methods on volunteers. 


Module 1: History taking and general examination in a pain patient
Module 2: Evaluation of Low back pain 
Module 3: Evaluation of Hip Joint pain
Module 4: Evaluation of Knee joint pain 
Module 5: Evaluation of Ankle and Foot pain
Module 6: Evaluation of Upper back and neck pain
Module 7: Evaluation of Shoulder pain
Module 8: Evaluation of elbow pain
Module 9: Evaluation of wrist and hand pain
Module 10: Evaluation of Visceral pain
Module 11: Evaluation of headache 
Module 12: Evaluation of a case of arthritis 

Module 13: Post-course Evaluation


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