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Ankle Pain

Ankle is a complex combination of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Ankle carries our body weight and enables to movement. Ankle is a prone area of injury and pain.

Symptoms of Ankle Pain:

Both gout and pseudo gout with pain, swelling and redness are basic symptoms of ankle pain. Arthritis inflamed the joints and causes ankle pain. For ankle pain osteoarthritis are very common.

Common Causes of Ankle Pain:

· Achilles tendinitis.

· Broken ankle

· Joint inflammation or Bursitis

· Gout

· Osteoarthritis

· Plantar fascitis

· Psoriatic arthritis

· Reactive arthritis

· Rheumatoid arthritis

· Septic arthritis

· Sprained ankle

· Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Treatment of Ankle Pain:

To reduce the swelling elevate the leg or sometimes recommend crutches to avoid further injury at the affected ligaments. Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, Corticosteroids, Analgesics are advised to reduce the inflammation. Ice pack can be applied at the swelling area to reduce the swelling and pain.

Give rest the sore area and habit with low sodium diet to reduce the pain.

Gout medications, Oesteoporosis medications are those used to slow the loss of bone.

How to make Ankle stronger?

1. Heel walks. Lift the front of foot on the floor.

2. Put the right hand against the outside of right foot.

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